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Category : Forging Equipment

Sub-Category : Press Extrusion Hydraulic Line

Total Machines Found : 1

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MakeLake Erie
ConditionGood Condition
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1. Extrusion press:
manufacturer: lake erie,
press force: 1250 ton
billet diameter currently in use: o 150 mm,
container diameter currently in use: o 150 mm,
container max. stroke: 140 mm,
billet max. length: 610 mm,
ram max. stroke: 1474 mm,
container: movable, induction heated,
shear stroke: 500 mm.
2. billet heater:
manufacturer: sistem teknik, turkey,
year of manufacturing: 1997,
operation mode: propane gas,
billet size: 140 mm to 155 mm,
billet length: 400 mm to 700 mm,
preheating area length: 3000 mm,
production capacity: 1200 kg/hr.,
working temperature: 400 to 500 deg c,
billet heater is complete with loader and conveyor
3. run-out table:
manufacturer: clark automation
year of manufacture: 1995,
total length: 38 m,
total width: 7.5 m,
operation mode: walking beam cooling table with chain conveyor
initial table and cooling table are all covered with graphite plates
4. stretcher:
manufacturer: lake erie
year of manufacture: 1953
operation mode: hydraulic
capacity:20 ton
5. cutoff saw:
manufacturer: oliver
year of manufacture: 1961
operation mode: hydraulic, manual handling
6. die oven:
manufacturer: granco
operation mode: gas