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Category : Forging Equipment

Sub-Category : Cross Wedge Rolling Mill

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Diameter 32 - 60 mm,
Length up to 320 mm, when cutting end waste
Length up to 450 mm, without cutting end waste
Maximum productivity of 400 parts / hour (the possibility of regulation of productivity is provided)
Installed power of the mill is : 60 kW,
Maximum power of induction heater : 500 kW,
Average wedge tool life : 300,000 parts
The changeover time of the mill for rolling a new product –1 hours
Workpieces are heated automatically in a predetermined temperature range
Compressed air pressure : 0.4 - 0.5 MPa
Compressed air consumption : 2.8 m³ / min
Water pressure for cooling : 0.3 - 0.4 MPa
Water flow for cooling : 12 m³ / h
Weight : 13.5 tons,
Occupied area 39 m², installed on a concrete base 300 mm thick.
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Production rate max passes/hour : 360,
Slide blocks power-stroke max :- Upper 1950 and Bottom 2650 mm,
Max shut height : 260-0,2 mm,
Range of exact adjustment : -5,0 mm
Range of bed opening : +15 mm,
Force of the working cylinder max :- upper 50 ton and Bottom 50 ton
Hydraulic tank capacity : 2500 dm3,
Motor power of the hydraulic unit : 250 kW,
Overall dimensions in complete packaging :-
length : 11900 mm,
width : 3500 mm,
height : 2550 mm,
Required space : 41,65 m2,
Machine weight : 37700 kg.
Pneumatic pressure, МPa 0,5,
Compressed air flow requirement : 4 m3/min,
Cooling water pressure : 0,3…0,4 MPa,
Cooling water flow requirement : 4 m3/hour,
Input water temperature : 15-35 °С.
A) SP4200-2 type cross-wedge rolling machine equipped with :-
Control system (PLC with a display from OMRON, Japan),
Hydraulics (REXROTH, CIS),
Pneumatics (FESTO, CAMOZZI, CIS),
Attachment sections to mount the machine units to the base,
Installation and operation manuals including the following documentation :-
Technical description of the machine,
Layout of the machine at the Customer’s facility,
Plan of the basement of the machine with complete utility lines supply,
Program and methods of testing,
Electric diagram with the list of elements,
Operations manual for OMRON PLC,
Operations manual for OMRON PLC programming,
Program for OMRON control PLC,
Pneumatic circuit with the list of elements,
Hydraulic circuit with the list of elements,
Machine service chart,
Drawings for wearing parts,
Documentation and certificates for purchased OEM components,
2.1.2) SP4200-2 type cross-wedge rolling machine is equipped with :-
Diametral dimension change system for the parts in continuous mode of the machine having accuracy of 0,03 mm,
Machine bed opening system in case of emergency stop (manual/automatic),
Software control system,
Wedge die mounting system,
Feeding billets into machine device,
Automatic device for unloading rolled parts from the cross-wedge machine,
Scale removal system,
Waste end removal system,
Guide lubrication system,
2.1.3) SP4200-2 type machine design provides :-
Operation mode: automatic and manual,
Machine control through control panel,
Periodical lubrication of the slides,
Shut height setup and display image on the control panel,
Rolling of billets in automatic cycle,
Automatic cutting-off of waste-end from rolled part,
Automatic unloading of rolled part and waste end to the side face of the machine.
Automatic scale-removal from the lower die.
SP4200-2-IH cross wedge rolling machine with two movable dies is the most suitable machine.
The machine and an induction heater are combined through control system.
CWR machine productivity is 360 parts per hour.